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We are honored and delighted to welcome you to the first issue of İstanbul Yeni Yuzyil Journal of Philology (İYYJP). We launch this journal with a keen sense of hope and anticipation about the future of humanities in Turkey. As we look ahead, our main goal is to build on a bourgeoning crossfertilization in the scholarship on literary studies, comparative literature as well as cultural studies.


The Role of Forensic Linguistics in Solving Cases

A package explodes, and a security guard is injured at Northwestern University in the United States in 1978. Following this date, 16 similar bombings took place over 17 years, 3 people lost their lives, and many were injured. The perpetrator is not found for a very long period, and since the bombings take place in Universities and Airlines, the perpetrator is called UNABOMBER (UNiversity and Airline BOMBER). Years later, the perpetrator is reached based on the language he used in a text he published and called the “manifesto.” The wording and expressions used—found in the text—formed a “linguistic fingerprint.”

Authors: Sotiri Kalfoğlu, Ersi Kalfoğlu

Page Number: 6-11

Disillusionment and American Dream in Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

The ‘American Dream’ and its relationship to American literature has long been a subject of extensive research. This article strives to portray the ‘American Dream’ in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The ‘American Dream’ represents the idea that people can achieve anything if they follow their dreams. Fitzgerald paints a picture of the people of the Jazz Age who are driven by their passion for wealth and possessions.

Authors: Gökçen Kara

Page Number: 12-17

(Re)Shaping The Self: The Construction of Identity in Things Fall Apart

Postcolonialism incorporates all cultures affected by colonialism from the beginning of colonization to the present day. Aiming to express the ways the colonizer shapes society, postcolonial writers frequently reverse the colonial discourse and maintain that colonized countries have a national identity. In this respect, prominent Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe indicates the effects of colonization on both cultural and individual levels in his works.

Authors: Nergiz Öznur Vardar

Page Number: 18-26

Far Away or Too Close? Reading Caryl Churchill’s Far Away and Sarah Kane’s Blasted with Agamben’s Concept of The Camp

Plays by Caryl Churchill and Sarah Kane epitomize an unflinchingly outspoken criticism of pre-established social parameters not solely via unorthodox dramaturgy but also through radical experimentation and controversial content. This study purports to align Caryl Churchill’s Far Away and Sarah Kane’s Blasted with Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s concept of the camp by resorting to a comparative analysis of the plays with scrutiny of their peculiar tenets.

Authors: Burak Urucu

Page Number: 27-30

Fate, Need and Responsibility: A Levinasian Reading

The world of differences provides various outlooks and perspectives, such as ideological dissimilarities in human beings’ lives, and, therefore, people may experience distinctive challenges in contact with others. With a concrete realization of the phenomenon and how to respond to any external and internal force, any unique individual may start to think of the bases and formulation of such incidents.

Authors: Asghar Heidari

Page Number: 31-41

04 MARCH 2022

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